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Fujikura Ltd. (株式会社フジクラ, Fujikura Kabushiki-gaisha) is a global, Tokyo-based electrical equipment manufacturing company, developing and manufacturing power and telecommunication systems products, including devices for optical fibers, such as cutters and splicers.

A former employee mentioned, "Management at Fujikura will openly humiliate staff in front of colleagues . Management expects salary employees work overtime on weekend / weekday . There is no future for you in this company if you are not the listening slaves."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management will openly humiliate staff in front of colleagues . Management expects salary employees work overtime on weekend / weekday . There is no future for you in this company if you are not the listening slaves."

Former Employee - Director says

"Toxic work environment with utterly unfair HR and management"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Outdated management Weak or inexistant HR Weak or inexistant health insurrance/benefits No training or career management Terrible offices and working conditions Unlawful unpaid forced labour on weekend and overtime Cancerous toxic people in charge Nepotism"


"no career development and incompetent managers"


"- salaries are under market average - people are shifted based on company's needs - the management is not flexible"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Benefits are just ok No real direction or plan for the future Most employees only stay 1-2 years Rules don't apply to everyone Can be toxic environment"

Current Employee - Key Account Manager says

"Terrible HR department. They just don't exist as a whole."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lower than average pay. US business decisions heavily controlled by Fujikura Japan. No chance for career advancement."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Slow decision making by the Japanese and not much career advancement"

Systems Administrator says

"Human Resources politics are not to strong and not based on the people"

Molding Operator (Former Employee) says

"They want you to meet 100 percent production , not 95 not 93. 100 percent. Perfect. They have you running messed up machines and it count against your production. They constantly remind you that being hired in doesnt make you invisible and they can replace you at any time. No grace period with attendance , 1 minute late and you get a half of point. Equivalent to being 4 hours late. Upper management complains about everything. No phones, no food, no talking to other coworkers, you stand at your own machines and do your work . No headphones allowed. No sitting down , just slave. You get a 20 min break and 2 ten minute breaks that be over with by the time you walk to the break room . They give you raises every so often but you're on a 8 point system and when you hit 3 - 5 they take every raise back and you're back at base pay. It's hot as heck and the machines will having you shedding skin Start at 12 an hour . Everyone goes through a temp agency and mandatory Saturdays and sundays when they say so . So u can chalk getting a 2nd job.PayEverything else"

Inspection Trainee (Current Employee) says

"This is an easy job, but very boring. Cant talk (or management will move your seat) nor listen to music. Only music is the one on the sound system and it plays the same songs. Don't be to happy about weekends. There'll be times where you're working 6 days straight."

Tooling and Maintenance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Up in the air. Good people for the most part but not where i want to retire from. Plenty of responsibilities, not enough pay. Good insurance! Only highlight. Acting as Engineering Manager, but not compensated or acknowledged. Waiting for my dream job"

Lead/ Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I.E.R. was a good place to work at one time. Up until 6&7 years ago,When they made a change in upper management. c.e.o. & plant manager . Now it's bad place to work.Mostly good people to work with office & plant.Upper management is unbareable to work with a lot of people left ."

Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Great company to begin with. Company has gone down hill since I started. Management really don't communicate well with hourly employees. Not everyone gets a raise at the same time, management picks and chooses who gets a raise. My last raise was 3 years ago."

Lead person (Current Employee) says

"Great people to work with, poor communication, subpar upper management but things are starting to change, great benefits, average pay, poor training, great customer service team.BenefitsUpper management"

Customer Service & NAFTA Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This is a strange place to work. At the time there was an abundance of nepotism and lack of direction. Incompetent management and power struggles between old and new regime. Also, was put in ethically compromising positions."

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Strong management team that is fair to their employees and has been growing bigger and better over the years based on new strategies of product efficiency and new equipment purchases to produce the new products needed for the automotive industry.Promotions within the companyHealthcare and daily production requirements"

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